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Michaela. 17. Gemini.


gemini is the eternal child who never quite loses his inquisitive fascination. for gemini, there is always so much to know and too much too talk about. and he is the epitome of the double side personality; bright, playful and communicative one minute, distracted and detached the next


geminis follow their intrinsic pang of wanderlust and wild, unstructured dreams. gemini is the stout catholic with the rosaries on her ovaries who transforms into the wine drinking, dreadlocked hippie the month after. they are fascinated with different cultures and different ways of being


"I’m so many people. They shock me sometimes. I wish it was just me"-Marilyn Monroe - Sun in Gemini



Reminds me of Repulsion. 

You always say you miss me but in reality you just miss not being lonely

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